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The importance of employees knowing about bloodborne pathogens.

09 Sep 2020 7:05 PM | Deleted user

In order to protect our safety, we have to familiarize what bloodborne pathogens are. Bloodborne pathogens are small bacteria in your body that can cause diseases in humans when contacted with another person’s blood. Diseases such as hepatitis B, HIV, and many other things. Bloodborne pathogens can access through your mouth, nose, eyes, and cut scars on your skin. So you have to be cautious to always wear gloves, wear glasses to protect your eyes, and wearing a mask when you’re coming across bodily fluids especially blood. bloodborne

It’s important to take safety and extra precautions when dealing with this type of stuff. Talking with your client to address yours and their safety on how to clean the mess. When we acknowledge the importance of bloodborne pathogens we can cut down the number of threats. OSHA’s bloodborne pathogen standards teach us to act like everything we encounter with fluids should be approached as if the fluid is contaminated with blood. It’s important to label things, color code and etc when we are dealing with the laundry to make sure we are not mixing it up. 

In conclusion, when using the universal precautions we are protecting ourselves and those around us. Make sure we are using the proper things to protect ourselves and using the best cleaning tools to disinfect the area so the next clients won’t catch it. After doing so, make sure to thoroughly was your hands for at least 30 seconds with hand soap. It reduces the spread and diseases. Educating yourself and your coworkers will help make a stronger team to properly clean up the mess and staying away from the bloodborne pathogens.


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