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How You Can Implement Medical Cleaning Practices Into Residential and Commercial Cleaning Situations.

22 Nov 2020 11:12 PM | Laree Williams

Medical cleaning practices can be implemented into Residential and Commercial cleaning by viewing the cleaning situation as if its infectious and hazardous just like in a health care facility. Germs and viruses are very common. They are not just in health care facilities. They are in those residential homes you're cleaning. Also in those commercial businesses you're cleaning.

Implementing proper medical cleaning procedures in residential cleaning can make  a difference in the homeowners health. Keeping bathrooms clean using the proper disinfectant solutions can lower the risk of germs and viruses on hard surfaces like toilets, sink handles, and light switches. Make sure to properly label all disinfectant bottles and be knowledgeable of you're cleaning products and procedures.

Even with commercial cleaning you're still put at risk to germs and viruses. Actually with commercial cleaning it poses a greater risk to germs and viruses than residential cleaning. With commercial cleaning you're cleaning businesses and restaurants that have many different people coming and going every day. Which means thousands or even millions of germs are on the surfaces that are being touched constantly. Such as tables, door handles, salt and pepper shakers, and condiment bottles sitting on tables These would be called High Touch Surfaces. Disinfecting these surfaces and objects thoroughly will put employees, employers and customers in the commercial environment at a lower risk of getting sick.

Cleaning infected areas will reduce germs that make people sick. Protecting the population from harmful bacteria, germs and viruses are vital parts of a cleaning specialist duty to the client and themselves. No matter if its a health care facility, residential cleaning or commercial cleaning you should handle every situation seriously and cautiously. For experienced cleaning companies check out this directory


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