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How to Implement Medical Cleaning Practices into other Residential and Commerical Areas

03 Oct 2020 2:36 AM | Deleted user

There a numerous ways to implement proper medical cleaning practices in residential and public commercial spaces.  As stated in the Janitorial Service Directory there are a multitude of companies who provide janitorial services to the public.  It is the duty of these companies to disinfect residential and commercial spaces, and subsequently protect the public from harmful viruses and germs.

Individuals involved in residential and commercial cleaning can also inform the public of hazards from chemicals they might come in contact with at home or at the workplace. Helping the public follow OSHA hazard communication standards will inform people of how to interact with everyday chemicals they use at home or to disinfect at work.

Most people won't be familiar with safety documents such as MSDS's and the proper methods of dealing with chemicals.  People involved with janitorial services can bring this knowledge to the everyday public.  This knowledge and these practices are not only necessary for those in residential and commercial cleaning, but clearly useful to the public to limit the spread of viruses and diseases.

Also, medical cleaning practices such as proper hand washing and keeping personal items away from possibly contaminated surfaces are practices that can only help the public.  Furthermore, knowledge of how easily contaminants such as bloodborne pathogens can spread is useful knowledge for anyone to learn. Helping people implement these practices are just more ways to keep the public safer by implementing medical cleaning practices.


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