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Bloodborne Pathogens

17 Aug 2020 10:10 AM | Selina Shackelford

OSHA has issued standards regarding bloodborne pathogens. Bloodborne pathogens contain infectious diseases (some of which can be deadly) and can be transmitted through contact with body fluids. Following the standards set forth by OSHA reduces a persons risk of becoming infected with a life threatening illness. 

Workers who are in occupations that come in contact with bloodborne pathogens should be familiar with and follow OSHA's standards for bloodborne pathogens in order to protect themselves from becoming infected with a life threatening illness. OSHA provides training and educational resources to broaden the knowledge base of both employers and employees to avoid potential hazardous accidents. 

Using the proper PPE, knowing the proper use of chemicals, reporting and documenting ALL accidents, knowing how to handle sharps, and contaminated linens, having exposure protocols in place all greatly reduce your risk for infection. 


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