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The Harmful Effects of Using Everyday Cleaning Chemicals in Comparison to Using Natural Green Products

03 Sep 2020 9:55 AM | Aloysius Adimaulor

The harmful effects of using everyday cleaning chemicals as compared to using natural green products cannot be overemphasized. It is important to note that green cleaning is the process of choosing cleaning products that are better/safer for both humans and the environment. Thus, it becomes very imperative to know that switching from conventional everyday cleaning chemicals to green cleaning products enhances good health for cleaning workers and facility occupants, protects environment against pollution, and supports customer satisfaction at all levels. Retrieved from:

Another effect of using of harmful everyday cleaning consumable products as against switching to natural green cleaning ones is that employees working in the non GCC tends to susceptible to sickness especially terminal diseases like cancer/respiratory health issues as they are often exposed to carcinogens and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from the harmful chemicals being used for cleaning.

The risk of high cost of business operations is more among cleaning companies that are using everyday harmful chemicals as compared to the companies that have GCC status/switched to natural green cleaning products. This is because the non GCC company workers tends to be reporting sick more due to the chemical hazards they are being exposed to, hence manhour losses or staff attrition rate tends to be high.

There is risk of contract losses on the part of companies that are still using conventional harmful chemicals due to poor quality service, inefficiency, poor training, and endangering of the lives of facility occupants.

The impact on surrounding landfills relative to non-biodegradable materials/products being used by companies that are yet to attain GCC status is high as compared to companies that are already GCC as most of their materials/consumable products are readily biodegradable.

The unsustainable impact on the environment regarding the companies still using traditional harmful chemicals as compared to those that are using natural green products cannot be equitable because while the former endangers lives and the environment, the latter protects and sustains lives and environment against pollution and chemical hazards.

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