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The importance of cleaning employees and staff knowing about bloodborne pathogens

22 Jun 2021 3:28 PM | Lori Dobbertin

It is important for cleaning employees and staff be educated about bloodborne pathogens to keep themselves and others safe from possible infection.

Using the Universal Precautions approach is the best way to prevent infection from blood borne pathogens. Assume all blood and some other bodily fluids from all patients to be infectious. Be sure to use color coding or labeling on bags and containers when transporting contaminated materials. When cleaning blood or bodily fluids, take care to avoid splashing. After cleaning blood or bodily fluids, be sure to disinfect all equipment used. Wear the proper PPE, dispose of it correctly, and thoroughly wash your hands when you are finished.  

If you think you have been exposed to any bloodborne pathogen you should clean the area with water, soap, and skin disinfectant if available. You should also notify your supervisor and physician immediately and refer to your companies exposure plan. OSHA requires all job sites that have a reasonable exposure to bloodborne pathogens have an exposure plan readily available and updated.

Two of the common bloodborne pathogens are Hepatitis B and HIV. If you have been infected with one of these pathogens, you may not start showing symptoms for years to come. Be aware of the signs and symptoms related to these infectious diseases. 


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