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Customer Service Driving Business Forward

24 Aug 2020 4:54 PM | James Thresher

There are many businesses you can choose when picking a business.  Choosing a IJCSA businesses can give you piece of mind you are hiring the best.  Let me tell you why.

Knowledge can take good businesses and make them great.  A main focus of the IJCSA is training.  Members are offered many classes for free to expand their knowledge. They are required to completed class in order to take others.  Customer services is a required course for all certifications.

What is great customer service?  It is not only a job done right.  It is giving the client an great experience and a feeling that they're valued.  First, service with a smile.  Take time to greet your clients and see how there doing.  Follow up and make sure they are pleased when the jobs completed.

Do yourself a favor and hire a IJCSA Certified Member today.

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James Thresher

Dapper Pro Cleaning

Oakland CA


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