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BloodbornePathogens in the Workplace

22 Aug 2020 10:16 PM | Liam Walsh

The importance of cleaning employees and staff knowing about bloodborne pathogens can be summarized into the following points. Firstly the importance of having a cleaning staff in any type of business is detrimental to the daily function and success of any business. The reason being that if the workplace is not regularly cleaned and disinfected you are at a higher risk of your employees becoming sick or contracting a virus. 

Secondly the importance of training and informing your staff of bloodborne pathogens is a great way to contain any possible future outbreaks. Training all staff up to the OSHA Gold Standard will insure that all employees are practicing the same rules and regulations for handling hazardous material. Using the same training will help third party vendors in identifying which bags contain hazardous material and also what type of hazardous material is inside the bag. 

Finally to summarize the importance of proper training and hiring of a cleaning crew I would add the following . The health of your staff and yourself should always be a top priority in your business. Adequately training your staff to help prevent these deadly diseases and viruses from spreading any further is the first step. Constant retraining and refresher courses should be taken to keep employees up to date with the latest information required to keep their workplace and environment sanitized and make sure they are using proper procedures to remove and clean up any bloodborne pathogens.


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