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Why Is Properly Cleaning Healthcare Facilities So Important

02 Oct 2020 4:28 PM | William Wargin

The proper cleaning of healthcare facilities is extremely important to protect the patient's, staff, vendors and visitors to the facility. Without proper cleaning and cross contamination techniques, viruses can be transferred from room to room, patient to patient and so on.

  Cleaning helps to prevent patient infection which is all to common. Statistically, 1 out of 20 patients will fall victim to an HAI (Healthcare Associated Infection) This is far to common and could have life changing effects to the patient. Patients are in a vulnerable state at these facilities and more susceptible to infection. An infection could be life threatening, extend there stay at the facility or at the very least delay there recovery time. 

  Infections and viruses can also be taken home with visitors and staff exposing family and friends. Hepatitis, MSRA and many other infectious diseases can live outside the body for extended periods of time. These can be transferred from the facility to the new host on shoes, clothing, keys, phones and various other objects we commonly use in our lives. Proper training, cleaning techniques and the appropriate level of PPE should be used by all workplace staff.


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