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The benefits of having your carpet or rugs cleaned by certified IJCSA members

05 Oct 2020 3:24 PM | Duchene Joseph

According to the U.S. Census Bureau ,  more than 50% of the total flooring market created over $10 billion in revenue in the carpet industry in 2019. Around the world carpet is very popular because is warm and soft. Even Though it requires less maintenance than the hard- surface floors . The best way to keep carpeting clean and fresh is  Frequent vacuuming and an occasional deep-clean .

The benefits of having your carpet or rugs cleaned by Certified IJCSA Members are very Important for customers. The certified programs teach their members how to perform carpet cleaning functions professionally, safely, healthily and cost effectively.   IJCSA Certified Members know how to use the most eco-friendly biodegradable products or green products to clean rugs and carpets . Also learning correct procedures to shampoo, spot clean, sanitize and disinfect carpets.

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