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How Important Are Janitors & Janitorial Staff To Our Daily Lives

28 Sep 2020 7:17 AM | Guadalupe Gomez

     We all live in a time where a World Pandemic (COVID 19) has affected our daily lives and our health status is at a high risk of being exposed to it.  Janitors and Janitorial staff are now more then ever very important to our daily lives.  Whether we go to the supermarket, school, college, hair salons, barber shops, office or where ever.  We all are at risk!  So being properly trained is crucial for Janitors and Janitorial staff because the health and safety of our customers is crucial in stopping the advancement of this Global Pandemic.  

     The importance of Janitors and Janitorial staff is critical to keeping buildings sanitized and by making sure that sanitary standards are followed closely by being acceptable and safe for those using the building on a daily bases.  The effectiveness of daily operations of the building lies heavily on the Janitor and Janitorial staff by making sure that Cleaning Industry Standards are followed correctly in every aspect of the buildings cleaning requirements.

     A Janitor and Janitorial staff has to have good communication with the public because after all the public is the customer.  Everything a Janitor or Janitorial staff does must be done professionally from picking up trash, wiping up spills, mopping floors, to cleaning offices, hallways and even restrooms.   Every task a Janitor or Janitorial staff does must be done with the publics safety in mind and making sure a clean environment is the goal in order to have a fighting chance in defeating this Global Pandemic.

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