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Why Is Properly Cleaning Healthcare Facilities So Important.

26 Oct 2020 8:21 AM | Duchene Joseph
Cleaning of healthcare facilities is performed for medical and cultural reasons. Maintaining an environment with a low pathogenic burden is essential for avoiding complications during the care and recuperation of patients .

Proper cleaning can reduce the spread of contagious viruses by 80 to 90 percent, Gerba’s studies find. Another study finds appropriate cleaning can result in a 5 percent productivity gain, which amounts to $11 billion nationwide.

Although disinfecting is standard operating procedure in healthcare, Hicks recommends using a hospital-grade disinfectant in most settings, particularly on high-traffic, high-touch surfaces. The dirtiest spots in offices, according to one study, are breakroom sink faucet handles, microwave door handles, keyboards, refrigerator door handles, water fountain buttons, vending machine buttons, computer mice and desk phones. MRSA isn’t just in hospitals. “Diseases you see in hospitals are also out there in the public, because when a person leaves the hospital they go back to work.”

If you don’t use the disinfectant properly or use a dirty towel, then you’re wasting your time  . When it comes to frequencies, ISSA recommends at least once-daily cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces. And, although cleaning for health should be a year-round strategy, there’s a good chance frequencies will need to be bumped up significantly during cold and flu season.


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