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Importance of Cleaning Healthcare Facilities

02 Oct 2020 9:05 AM | DANIEL PARK

The importance of properly cleaning a healthcare facility is to kill all germs so they are not spread and to keep a sterilized and safe environment for the situation. It may be waiting rooms, exam rooms, or operating rooms. They all have different reasoning. 

Everything I think should be treated the same no matter if it is airborne or on surfaces. A waiting room may just carry your common cold germs or more. If a person is out there bleeding and needing emergency assistant then you will need to disinfect the area due to bodily fluids being exposed to the waiting room. An aerosol disinfectant may kill the germs in the air but not on surfaces. So the bodily fluids must be cleaned up then would need disinfected as well. 

When you are taken to the back to wait on your doctor to come into your exam room, your exam room should be smelling like fresh disinfectant, not the other persons odor before you . I say that because it has happened to me plenty of times. I've gone in there and all they do is take that piece of paper cloth and rip it off. The other part that has been used is thrown away. It also has not being wiped down, it's just pulled out over the bed for the next person. I sometimes get a paper towel and put sanitizer on it, next wipe it down, then rip it off again, and replace it. I think more cleaning and disinfectant should be done more to help germs from spreading to the next person. Just replacing paper sheets only covers up what was there, you still may catch something because the germs. 

The last one I am talking about is operating rooms. Operating rooms should be 100% germ free because of what is exposed in them. Every kind of body fluids and germs are in there. The patient is expecting his Dr. to fix things and not making matters worse. So a patient before surgery has to go inside the operating room bringing in the least possible germs so it won't be as harmful. I know there is a lot of risk in itself for surgery but the operating room does need to be germ free for a surgery to go well and not catch infectious diseases left from other patients. MRSA is one easy to catch disease which can be deadly. So it is most important to keep medical facilities clean.


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