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Indoor Air Quality Importance during the COVID pandemic

03 Oct 2020 6:53 AM | Brian Sadler

     The whole world came to a standstill over the past 6 months and everyone quarantined themselves inside their homes. They became more aware of the quality of the air they are breathing every day. The awareness of virus, bacteria and mVOCs in the air has caused an almost mass panic throughout the country. Individuals that were never considered a "Germaphobe" are now scared to shake hands or touch hand rails and door knobs. These new "Germaphobes" are now seriously looking at the indoor air quality and the effects it may have on their overall health and immune system. 

     Including mold inspection and remediation as well as virus disinfection services to my business is allowing my clients to sleep well knowing their indoor environment is healthy. We educate our clients about the relationship between mold and moisture and how mold spores spread through the air. Addressing the moisture issues, removing the infected material then cleaning and treating the area ensures the best indoor enviroment possible. The hospital grade disinfectant that we use, VitalOxide, kills 99.999% of all virus, bacteria and MOLD. Employing eletrostatic sprayers and fogging equipment ensures a complete application to areas that are normally neglected by manual cleaning. 


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