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The Importance of Properly Cleaning Healthcare Facilities

05 Sep 2021 6:38 PM | Deleted user

Healthcare facility cleanliness is critical to stopping the spread of disease.  Especially now, during the pandemic, it's critical that people are able to use the healthcare facilities to attend to the regular health issues that normally come up and not worry that they are going to contract COVID-19 going to see a medical professional.

Understanding the process behind cleaning a medical facility properly is key.  Properly cleaning a room is systematic and should be taken seriously in order to not only disinfect the room, but also to ensure that you don't take anything with you out of the room.  The difference between cleaning and disinfecting, and understanding that disinfection is a 2 step process, is critical to getting the room in the best shape it can be to mitigate spreading disease to other patients and to the medical facility staff.

At Prospray we are committed to delivering professional disinfecting services to the medical facilities in our service are of North DFW.  We believe that understanding these processes and delivering a process driven service to the healthcare space can help drive safety in our communities, limit the spread of disease, and minimize HAI occurrence.  You can find us on the IJCSA Directory here:


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