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Implementing Medical Cleaning Practices into Residential and Commercial Cleaning Solutions

29 Jul 2021 6:59 PM | Jonathan Dove

Medical cleaning best practices are a good benchmark to work off of when planning cleaning services for non-medical applications.  Especially in today's world where you need to be prepared with every customer engagement that there could have been a COVID exposure, it's critical to understand the key points on medical cleaning that can help as you enter a residential or commercial cleaning project.

PPE for medical cleaning is critical.  Understanding what you're walking into determines the level of PPE you need, so translating that to a residential or commercial job it's important that we are communicating with the customer pre-job to understand the current conditions and if there are any additional precautions we need to be taking.

Process driven cleaning, where you work from the top down, and clean systematically from one side of each room to another is important.  For a commercial job where most rooms you encounter will be similar it's valuable to establish a cleaning process for the room so that you ensure that each room gets the level of attention it needs.  For a residential job, it's important to understand the details of the house you are going into, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and common rooms will help you plan the job in order to clean in an effective manner.

In today's environment disinfecting is important to understand and communicate.  As you are cleaning top down, each surface, especially the high touch surfaces need to be cleaned using friction with a scrubber/sponge/rag to remove dirt or other material on the surface.  Once the surfaces hav ebeen cleaned you can go back with your disinfectant and let it do the job of killing off the germs and bacteria.  It's important to apply the bacteria and allow it to sit for the appropriate contact time in order to reach maximum efficacy.  If you can allowing the surface to air-dry will give the best results.

At Prospray we are committed to delivering professional disinfecting services to our local community in the North DFW area.  We aim to serve these groups to enable them to effectively meet the CDC Reopening America Guidance which asks these groups to use an EPA-approved disinfectant as a second step beyond their routine cleaning as we get our public spaces, businesses and schools re-opened.  We believe that our efforts to step into this space and provide this service to our local community will drive safety amongst our neighbors and mitigate the spread of disease.  You can find our company in the IJCSA directory located here:


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