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Bloodborne Pathogens: Strong Routines is the Key

16 Oct 2020 7:42 PM | 4 Systems ATL

As we learn and teach our staff we also have to make sure the information is understood by implementing procedures correctly. This can start at the beginning with a strong routine at the initial start of a position. When we think of blood pathogens including any line of work we ultimately feel a sense discomfort and unease. This is to be expected but we shouldn’t leave all knowledge learned about HIV, HBV, bodily excretions, etc when faced with a job of this stature. 

Start with great routines at the beginning and the worries will be an afterthought. Go in the process believing that all of the bodily fluids you come in contact with are infectious bloodborne pathogens are contained in it. Humans are very guarded by nature and if you know about this, safety in all aspects will be your top priority on and cleaning job you take on. 

Leading by example to me is my top priority with both learning and implementation. We will have Interactive safety drills with real scenarios for use proper protocol to respond and solve the problem. Making safety number 1 will prevent long life consequences. Using proper recommendations as far as PPE, handling of waste according to OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (29 CFR 1910.1030), disinfectant, sanitizing equipment, & proper disposal of waste. 

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