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The Importance of Knowing What Bloodborne Pathogens As Cleaning Specialist

28 Sep 2020 12:03 PM | Virginia Dickerson

The importance of knowing what Bloodborne Pathogens are and how to not expose yourself to them in the work place is essential to your health.

The first thing that  is recommeneded for you to check out your companies Written Exposure Control Plan, this way you will know what they expect and you can use it as a guide to insure your saftey and the saftey of others if your exposed to bloodborne pathogens.

  It is important that all employees are educated on what  bloodborne pathogens are so that they can enable safe working conditions by taking precautions upon coming into contact with them.

Bloodborne Pathogens are pathogen microoganisms that are present in human blood and can cause disease in humans. These pathogens include but are not limited too are Hep B and HIV.

Wearing PPE gear is one of many ways to insure the safety of your self and others, when dealing with these types of Cleanups.

Being prepared and making the asumption that all fludids are potential bloodborne pathogens will keep you safer and on your toes so that you stay de contaminated.

Staying knowledgeable of these pathogens and how to safely dispose of them you will continue to keep one another safe, as well as get called to more worksites that will need your companies expertise in the decontamination of Bloodborne Pathogens.

Not only will it give you  an up on other companies in your area,it will set you apart and you will be recommended more.

Since they are updated yearly it is best to stay in the know so that you don't violate federal laws and you are aware of any changes to the process.


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