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What Employees should Know About Bloodborne Pathogens

07 Oct 2020 5:48 PM | Shevon Anatole

Firstly the employee must know what is bloodborne pathogens, they are organisms present in the blood that can cause diseases in humans. These Pathogens can be Hepatitis B, HIV- immunodeficiency Syndrome Virus etc. Which will eventually lead to the infected individual dead.

These pathogens comes into contact with employees through their mucus membrane or their mouth. or if there is a break in the skin, bits, cuts. These pathogens can be found in body fluids such as blood, saliva, other body fluids. Know that these fluids are very infectious and must be handle carefully. At all times all body fluids and blood must be handle properly, using universal precautions. Personal protective gears must be worn at all times.

To dispose of the contaminated items, they must be place is bags that are recommended for high infectious materials. While coming in contact or you have been exposed to any of the blood pathogen materials, you must notify your supervisor immediately, and then your health care provider.


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