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The Importance of Cleaning Staff to know about Bloodborne Pathogens

29 Oct 2020 3:35 PM | Shevon Anatole

Not many cleaning companies trained their janitorial technicians or their cleaning employees according to the specified cleaning standards. Some companies may have the notion that it is not important to teach or train their staff in certain product areas, or to understand what they are exposed to daily as the go about doing their duties. 

Lets look at what Bloodborne Pathogens is and the effects on the employee if not handled properly . Bloodborne pathogens are micro organism found in the human  blood which cause viruses like Hepatitis A, B C or the HIV Virus which leads to aids. These pathogens can be found in saliva, blood and other body fluids, when exposed to these body fluids the employee can get infected. In cases where areas have been exposed to any of these fluids, the protocol of cleaning these areas must be followed carefully. Needles must be disposed of carefully, or in specially provided containers with lids so as to avoid exposer.

The OSHA  Occupational Safety and Health Authority cleaning standards which is recognized by the CDC must be followed. This standard is reviewed and updated as required. The OSHA standards stipulates but not limited to:

1. What are Bloodborne Pathogens

2. The effects of been infected with any of the viruses 

3. Should you think that you might be infected, the steps you should take to get yourself treated.

4. What personal Protection Equipment are and how to wear them, and why you should wear them always

And much much more. 

It is very imperative that employers train their employees on the OSHA cleaning standards, and they can do this by registering their company with the IJCSA website to get their staff certified on the task at hand. please visit or follow the link to IJCSA Business Directory, to better understand the benefits you can receive from it, Your company is sure to excel and get recognized should you get on board with the IJCSA 


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