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Bloodborne Pathogen Standards

02 Nov 2020 10:11 PM | Marquee Cusic

  Bloodborne Pathogens microorganisms present in human blood and can cause diseases in humans. These pathogens include Hepatitis B (HBV) a disease that attacks the liver and Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV) also associated with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

This is why OSHA along with the CDC came up with guidelines to follow when handling any blood and curtain body fluids. These guidelines are called The Universal Precautions it states that all  blood and body fluids should be considered infectious. When handling items that has been contaminated and Proper Protection Equipment should be worn at all times when handling soiled item, these items must be disposed of in red or orange container or properly label container.

These guidelines are important in my profession because often times you maybe exposed or called to clean up blood or bodily fluid waste. Take the proper precaution to protect yourself and others by quickly cleaning area, being sure not to spread the fluids. If exposed to an fluid contact supervisor so that he can give you the proper procedures and protocol then contact a doctor immediately.


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