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Key Advantages of Hiring a Cleaning Person or Company That Has Passed the IJCSA RCS Certification

17 Jan 2021 6:44 AM | Deleted user

The following are reasons why a homeowner should hire a certified IJCSA Residential Cleaning Service company for their home. It all starts off with providing yourself and/or family with the safest and cleanest home. IJCSA members who are certified understand the benefits of giving a professional job for their client. Not only is their client satisfied about the work that is done, recommendations can then be made afterwards. Being certified is not a walk through job afterwards. Certified members must take the precautions of what the cleaning job requires. 

Here at IJCSA, members are trained about the first step when securing a cleaning job to the last step of finishing the cleaning job. Ads are an important way to get a company exposed for new clientele. IJCSA members are trained about the professional steps in doing so. Then members must provide free estimates after checking the home. The company and client must then agree on the service and price. After agreement, the client will detail out preferences. This will lead to a customized service report with an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) about the chemicals that will be used in the home. 

In the report, the company will determine which rooms will need special attention, which chemicals to use for certain surfaces, whether a wet or dry room will need a red cloth (for wood), blue cloth (for glass), or white cloth (for all other surfaces).

These professional tactics help the client feel comfortable with the job. After the job is complete, the home is left in a professional appearance. The homeowner or family will then come home to a clean environment, feeling safe when they touch cleaned surfaces. Not only will they feel safe, they can also focus on their day to day duties. This leads to increased time and less stress worrying about having to clean the home on their own. 

These are key advantages on why a homeowner should hire a certified residential cleaning service individual or company when considering to have their home cleaned. They will be provided with the best service, leaving their home cleaner than ever, and a safe state of mind. 


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