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Janitorial Staff Is Essential

23 Feb 2021 11:48 AM | Kamiyah McCray


The janitorial staff is essential to our daily lives as we provide a safe and clean environment to all. We are specialist at prevention and preservation. We are the force behind the idolized heroes of the word. 

Everyday we risk our lives to secure yours. We don’t just clean and go home. When we clean we are preventing exposure of bloodborne pathogens, helping reduce the fluctuation in allergies and up keeping the place safe. Including but not limited to other duties such as securing the buildings, patrolling areas throughout the day which can vary depending on the job location. 

There are different types of cleaning we have to do like medical, construction, mold, carpet etc. So while it seems we just wipe a table & mirror off with a slap on the back it isn’t just that. Janitors importance in everyday life is often overseen because others aren’t aware of  the importance of our position. You need to get the proper training and certification to execute. Look no further IJCSA can take care of you no matter if you’re a veteran or a newbie.


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