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How Important Are Janitors & Janitorial Staff To Our Daily Lives

24 Oct 2020 10:29 PM | KHADIJA ALISAMHOUL

There is no doubt, that in our culture of today custodians and janitors are looked down upon, scorned and sometimes undervalued and overlooked. Have you ever thought of the reason behind this? I believe it is the wrong way to look at custodians and janitors.

Their work is extremely important to other people’s lives unless you wish to be in public places that are filthy, which I’m sure you do not. Janitorial work allows for that same community to use restrooms, walk around freely and enjoy their stay without the negative thoughts on the place being dirty. 

There is one main reasons as to why janitorial work and the people who do that for a living are just as important as any other working human being. The number one reason is because janitors and custodians work to serve others. Their jobs are important to meet the needs of others through cleanliness. Every public facility, public restrooms, work offices, hospitals and hotels, and restaurants to name a few, need janitorial services. Without them, there would be a lot of disgusting buildings and the rise of infections, diseases and pathogens will overtake our spaces, similar to what COVID-19 has presented to us here in 2020.

While many janitorsmay use custodial cleaning as a side job or a main job, cleaning is an essential service whether it is done in your home, or otherwise, you must have known growing up how to clean at the minimum. Custodial services however presents opportunities to learn, grow and serve others so we can all be clean. During the covid-19 pandemic, I believe that a new found respect for cleaners have been born into recognition. That I am grateful for, the understanding of the importance of janitors and custodians. To find out more about great janitorial services you may visit our page at Pro Kleen Ltd. for more details.



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