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Healthcare Facility Cleaning is SO Important

06 Feb 2021 7:52 AM | Larry Westbrook

When you think of a hospital, typically the first thoughts that come to mind is "sick", "patients", "disease", or even "emergency." While this may not be true for everyone, they all revolve around PEOPLE; people carry bacteria and germs. The only way for germs and bacteria to be in a healthcare facility is through people. Healthcare facilites tend to have a lot of traffic when it comes to the "sick," "diseased," or the like, most of which are not necessarily thinking about the germs and bacteria they are carrying. 

Having a trained janitorial staff to clean, sanitize and most importantly disinfect surfaces and areas is most important in healthcare facilities. This is the only way to help prevent and kill germs and bacteria from spreading in the healthcare facility. It is also important to have a hospital-grade disinfectant because it's been approved by the EPA to both kill germs, bacterium and spores and to be the best use in healthcare facilities.

Should we choose to not properly clean healthcare facilities, we may as well begin injecting bacteria and diseases into the general public. Just as crazy as that sounds, that's what we are ultimately doing in healthcare facilities if they are not properly cleaned; it's the fastest way to transfer disease and germs. Patients come to healthcare facilities to get better, visitors come to support their loved ones in their recovery. Properly cleaning healthcare facilities will assist in both of those things.


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