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Benefits of Being Green Cleaning Certified

19 Oct 2020 12:57 PM | Sandra Gomez

Being green certified brings an intriguing presence to you as an individual or to your company. Today in the world, many people are switching over from toxic chemicals to green products. The change over not only benefits the user/homeowner or company, but the world as well. Avoiding the release of these toxic products, preserves human health and environmental quality. 

63 synthetic chemical products can be found in the average American household. These harmful chemicals are not only found in the general cleaning products, but in foods, cosmetics, clothing, and home construction. By becoming more eco-friendly, we can reduce the human health risk by reducing the exposure of these products to clients. 

Human health is the main concern when providing a cleaning service. Going green provides many benefits for a company and homeowner. Some benefits are, improved health of home occupants which help reduce sick days, reducing resource usage and pollution, satisfaction from helping to make the facility and community a better place, and many more. Green cleaning also provides economical benefits. Green cleaning can be a holistic approach to home cleaning and maintenance that can provide health benefits, improved productivity, cost saving, reduced liability, and community relations. 

The list continues to grow for green cleaning. People are looking for companies that are certified in green cleaning. If we can reduce these risks for clients, we will continue to grow as a company in terms of helping the individual and environment. 


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