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IJCSA putting our customers and clients first is our first priority

20 Oct 2020 11:51 AM | Rondon Manwaring

Exceptional and consistent customer service are the catalysts that drives customer retention and business success. From the minute an order/service request is made excellent customer service begins with interpreting what was heard and or understood by the service provider. How and when the service provider responds requests especially in a competitive market such as cleaning/janitorial services are crucial to customer satisfaction. It is common sense to understand if a customer takes the time to call or email for a service quote that there is a possibility they are shopping around for the best deal. 

As an IJCSA service provider the customer knows they will get the best deals and services. So when a call comes in or an email I'm compelled to act upon the customer's needs prioritizing their requests because I am also representing IJCSA because it was the platform used to link the customer to my contact information. Many times I put myself in the shoe of the customer and in that shoe I dislike when calls and or emails are ignored or not acted upon in a timely manner. Not acting upon service calls could mean a dissatisfied customer, as well as money down the drain. In the eyes of the customer perception and first impression will determine if you (service provider) will ever get another call for a job.

Customers want to be understood, feel important, have their issues resolved in a timely manner, etc. Some of these and more are at the forefront of what customers are thinking when they call for service. They also know other customers have needs too and is left up to the service provider to effectively communicate whether or not services can be rendered. For example, in a case where I am booked up, I would communicate and confirm a service date with an incentive not to lose the customer, or que up an emergency service date to render services. That way the customer remains a priority always and know their issue(s) will be resolved. Excellent and consistent customer service equals customer retention therefore business will be a success.   


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