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Harmful Effects of Using Everyday Cleaning Chemicals Compared to Using Natural Green Products

11 Nov 2020 7:47 AM | Sandra Gomez

There are many products in the world that are being used without the consumer understanding toxicity of it. Products are being promoted in a manner to let the consumers know that they are safe for use. But consumers lack the knowledge of what lies beneath the manufacturing process of these harmful products. Still today, there are products being used that hospitalize consumers or lead them to have health effects later on in life.

One of the few products that is used in everyday cleaning is chlorine. Chlorine is the household chemical most frequently involved in household poisonings in the U.S. Chlorine also ranks first in causing industrial injuries and deaths resulting from large industrial accidents. If chlorine is to be mixed with other chemicals, even with organic materials in the environment, it can create other hazardous and carcinogenic toxins. 

In the average American home, around 63 synthetic chemical products can be found. This equates to approximately 10 gallons of hazardous chemicals. These chemicals can then lead to adverse health effects. Some being irritation to the skin, eyes, nose and throat which Isopropyl alcohol does. Ammonia which can irritate the eyes and skin and cause coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. These just being a few examples. Many more chemicals are in an average household that cause serious issues that show be addressed. 

Contrary to house chemicals lies green cleaning products. By using more eco-friendly products, including green cleaning formulations and products, consumers may be able to reduce human health risks by reducing exposure to such chemicals. Some examples of natural products that can replace certain chemical products are, lemon juice, vinegar, mineral oil, baking soda, and much more. If mixed together, they can be an effective way to replace harsh chemicals and on top leave a lovely scent to your home. 

To conclude, consumers need to be aware of the dangers household products possess. Not only can they cause irritation and bothersome effects to the body short term, but can lead to serious long term effects. It'd be wise to switch over to green products for the safety of a home and environment. Great green cleaning companies can be found at Green Cleaning Service Directory.


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