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Bloodborne Pathogens Training Is Critical

08 Jan 2021 11:46 AM | Mollie Buford

This is a subject that should be taught in every profession due to the many different life styles. If people were more aware of bloodborne pathogens in their daily living there would be a lower rate of disease cases and exposures. Most people think that it can't be them, germs has no boundaries and no limit to destroying your life or your loved ones. It starts with something as simple as washing your hands.

As cleaning professionals or any other professional we are not just protecting ourselves from being contaminated ; we are also protecting the people around us from being contaminated by us. Contamination works both ways so it is very important to educate the people you come in contact with , with the knowledge you have on bloodborne pathogens and protect each other.

Working safe and spreading the knowledge to others on how to approach, control, and maintain one of the largest problems we have an issue with today. As far as testing for someone else , you are not helping that person. If or when that person have an accident on a job, they would not know the correct protocol to take as far as helping themselves, this could lead to unsafe work skills and a high risk employee. 


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