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"Key Advantages Of Hiring A Cleaning Person Or Company That Has Passed The IJCSA RCS Certification"

23 Oct 2020 9:11 PM | Tameka Brinson

Facts, is most times we clean our homes and business not knowing the danger hiding in plain sight. Unseen toxics from mixing chemicals without knowing the risks is what we opening our homes and businesses to. We unknowingly expose our families, pets, environment and water to harsh chemicals that when exposed can cause allergies, tearing eyes, headaches, burning eyes, nose, throat to name a few.... 

Most times when cleaning our own homes we don't even wear the correct PPE protection when mixing chemical that when contact is made it cause burning to your skin. Most people never read the directions to use or the precautionary statement on the chemical bottles. 

The advantage of hiring an professional certified commercial and residential cleaner that is IJCSA Certified.                                                                                                   1.) Each professional certified cleaner has been trained in Blood Pathogens that teaches you everything you need to know about how to handle germs, viruses, bacteria, and contamination. How to properly clean ad dispose of hazardous materials and how to reduce risks.                                                                                 2.) Green Cleaning that teaches you how clean without using toxic chemicals that is bad for the environment and become a more eco friendly cleaner. Using natural homebased ingredients that will cost less and are more environmentally friendly.        3.) Chemical Hazard teaches the how to handle working with hazardous chemicals. Properly label your chemicals and what chemicals not to mixed and how to deposed of the chemicals.                                                                                                            And more....                                                                                                          

IJCSA works with OSHA to give everyone the knowledge and advance training most companies don't have. It is very important when your choosing someone to come into your home they know their job and that is not just cleaning but the safety of cleaning to protect the residents, companies and their self. 

Hiring someone a complete stranger to come into your home is not easy but what is easy is checking to make sure the person that comes to service your home or business are certified to do the job. INTERNATIONAL JANITORIAL CLEANING SERVICES ASSOCIATION have the companies your looking for visit out directory to match a company to fit your service needs.


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