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The Importance of Cleaning Employees and Staff Knowing about Bloodborne Pathogens

07 Jul 2021 2:41 PM | Jeannette C Rivera

The Importance on Bloodborne Pathogens

Cleaning companies are essential professions in our world today. We have established a great industry in the medical field as well as commercial and residential. Due to the busy schedule of people today we play a very important part in people lives. It is vital for employees, staff and business owners to understand the demand as well as to deliver an exceptional service. People count on us to be able to meet their expectations. 

We must educate our associate and staff of the important guidelines of OSHA. It is important to follow these standards due to the risk of potential exposures when we are performing jobs since we may be in contact with blood or body fluids. Following these guidelines will protect our employees, staff and clients of any bloodborne pathogen. It is crucial for us to have meetings on the topic of bloodborne pathogens especially if we are cleaning doctor offices where patients get blood drawn, patients come in sick and bacteria covering different surface areas. Some ways employees can protect themselves while cleaning is to wear protective gear such as googles, face shields/masks, gloves, shoe coverings and gowns etc. 

Finally, as a company we must enforce always OSHA Standard guidelines and incorporate them in safety meeting as important topics like  Bloodborne Pathogens for the safety of are employees, staff, families and clients. Always keep a good reputation so other cleaning companies and members of IJCSA can receive good reports and keep in mind the health of everyone in your community. We must keep  ourselves safe in this season  we are facing a Pandemic that has caused numerous losses.  


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