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IJCSA certified residential cleaning specialist

23 Nov 2020 11:12 AM | Anthony Blair

as a IJCSA, certified residential cleaning specialist, i can tell you, a clean home is a safe home. todays pandemic is scary, protecting yourself as well as your family is your priority. here at IJCSA, we want to provide you and your residence, a feeling of safety, when it comes to germs, bacteria or viruses. you may have immune compromised family members coming for Christmas, we can help make it a more smooth and comfortable setting.

Here at IJCSA, we strive to bring are customers value and exceptional service and great customer service. we are trained and certified to bring you results you can trust, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, laundry and most dreaded of all, the bathroom. we can service all this and more.that kitchen needs some deep cleaning, consider it done! are experts are standing by and waiting to service your needs.

it is important to choose someone you can trust to fulfill the job or dutys you expect to be done. choose someone that is trained and certified to provide you premium services. IJCSA is a highlly accredited institution that wants to provide practiced and true results that can make your residence be free of odors and grime. we use many methods to bring results you will notice. 

IJCSA prides itself in keeping up to date methods to its members. thus keeping the newest tech and innovations to be used in the services you request. Some of are members have UV light technology to completly disinfect a room with out a hazardous chemical presence. we can bring you and your family, peace of mind.

IJCSA follows OSHA standards of practice and CDC/WHO guidelines. by Selecting one of are certified specialist, you can count on a professional to be there for you. I am happy to count myself among the IJCSA association. IJCSA provided me with all the information i needed to really step up my cleaning game and have the ability to disscuse what im doing with the customer and why. if you need a Residential cleaning specialist you can depend on check out are registry.Click Here


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