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Knowledge of bloodborne pathogens

22 Jan 2021 8:24 AM | Rachelle Booher

It is important for cleaning employees and staff to be made aware of bloodborne pathogens and learn how to safely work in an environment with potential exposure.

The first step is to educate employees and staff about bloodborne pathogens by making them aware that bloodborne pathogens are microorganisms such as viruses or bacteria that are carried in blood and can cause diseases in people if contact is made. It is also important to review the different ways in which a person could come in contact with a bloodborne pathogen.

The next step is to provide the tools they need to reduce or eliminate occupational hazards such as PPE and proper instruction, including how to use and dispose of properly.

The final step is to have an OSHA exposure control plan to be followed in the event of a potential exposure, as well as direct employees and staff to consult a physician immediately and watch for symptoms.

A successful cleaning company heavily relies on employees and staff.  Keeping them healthy and safe should be a top priority.


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