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The Importance of Properly Cleaning Healthcare Facilitiies

19 Jan 2021 8:54 AM | Elroy Edwards III

It is very important that anyone who cleans a healthcare facility is doing it properly for many reasons. The main reason for doing a proper job however is simply to contain and prevent the spreading of any potentially infectious germs or viruses that may be present within the facility or room.

Knowing the reason however is just the first step, then it is just as important to take precautions to keep yourself & others protected. Using the proper PPE or Personal Protective Equipment (such as: Gloves, masks, & protective eyewear, etc.), is the best way we have for doing this. Using the proper PPE will not only protect you but also the patients, their visitors, co-workers & any other person you may come in contact with from being exposed to potentially harmful viruses, etc.

Another very important factor to remember when cleaning healthcare facilities is to implement the 3 rule method used for cleaning patient rooms which can also be used in other locations as well. The 3 rule method starts with: cleaning the area from top to bottom moving clockwise, then you should do dry procedures first(sweeping, garbage, etc.) & then of coarse clean anything that needs to be done wet, the 3rd rule is to clean using a consistent pattern like a back & forth motion or a side to side pattern. 

The most important part when cleaning a healthcare facility starts with choosing the proper cleaning crew, find your certified service here:


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