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How we can Implement Medical Cleaning Practices into other Residential & Commercial Services

15 Jan 2021 8:11 AM | Elroy Edwards III

There are many ways we can implement Medical Cleaning Practices into other Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services. The first thing that should always be done should also be the simplest. Making sure that all employees Wash their Hands frequently and most important properly (ie. for at least 20 seconds). Hand sanitizer should also be available for use by all. Another great tool that is generally only used within the medical field are PPE's or Personal Protective Equipment. While most cleaning personnel already use the most common PPE- gloves. I believe that it would also be very beneficial to implement the use of other PPE's such as face masks & goggles.

Another great medical cleaning practice to implement is to treat ALL trash as if it is potentially contaminated and to make sure that it is disposed of properly. It is very important to make sure that we not only clean areas but that we also disinfect them. Knowing the difference between cleaning and disinfecting is not something that is known by all, but is vital. There are a lot of types of disinfectants that can be used for different things but it is also equally important to know the proper place and way they should be used.

Using the "3 rule method" in Residential or Commercial Cleaning Settings would be very beneficial to not only help get the job done right but to get it done quicker. The "3 rule method" starts with cleaning an area clockwise, from Top to Bottom. Then do your Dry cleaning first such as dusting, sweeping, garbage, etc. & then do your Wet cleaning such as wiping down desks, computers, phones, etc. And lastly is to use a Consistent Pattern like back & forth, or side to side.

A couple of other great practices that would be helpful to implement in other cleaning industries are. Work Practice Controls which reduce the likelihood of exposure by altering the way a task is performed. And, Administration Controls which includes the education & training of employees. And also the application of standard operating procedures for the prevention of exposure.


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