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Why Implementing Proper Cleaning Methods are So Important

20 Dec 2020 4:39 PM | Jamie Serrilli

Amid the Covid 19 pandemic it is more important than ever for health care workers and facilities to understand the importance of proper cleaning. Controlling the spread of infections or viruses is vitally important in many different locations and settings such as schools and the workplace but it is even more crucial for healthcare providers. People visiting or receiving treatment in these environments are already vulnerable to the spread of infection, so making sure that effective cleaning regimes are in place for waiting rooms, corridors, reception areas and wards is key.

A clean and welcoming environment is also important from an aesthetic point of view , it makes the patient feel as though they are in a safe germ free environment. especially now with the growing cases of Covid 19 in all healthcare facilities we need to make the patients feel safe and keep them in a clean, sanitized environment. 

Healthcare-associated infections is a term that covers a wide range of infections including MRSA, E.coli and C.diff and Covid are infections that develop as a direct result of medical or surgical treatment or contact in a healthcare setting. Healthcare providers can help to minimize the risk of cross contamination in a number of ways including:

 -Proper training of staff in cleaning and disinfecting practices

-Proper Use of PPE from the staff

-Keeping a clean environment for patients and staff

Given the physical size of most healthcare settings, and the fact that many operate on a 24-7 basis, floor cleaning machines need to be compact and maneuverable to reach into tight corners and fit into smaller areas. They must also be as quiet as possible, especially where cleaning has to be carried out near patients, and safe, both for the machine operator and for other staff and patients. Above all, they have to be capable of doing tasks that are particularly important, like being able to clean under beds and furniture.

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