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Customer Service

25 Nov 2020 2:29 PM | Luis Gonzalez

Customer service

What is an example of great customer service? Great customer service is fulfilling the requests of the customer and listening to their problems or suggestions with a smile on your face. Great customer service is understanding the problems any customer has and coming up with solutions to their problem to make them a happy customer. Great customer service is to care for your customers and the employees at the store or facility. When dealing with customers frustration always have a smile on your face, make sure you are looking eye-to-eye so they know you are paying attention and actually trying to help improve their situation and their problems. When you speak eye-to-eye always make sure you connect on what they are saying and repeat back to them what they want. Great customer service always includes listening to the concerns that the customer has for the workers or himself. After you have heard the customers problems and made a solution always follow up with phone calls and/or an e-mail, offer a package if another problem happens again insisting in a discount or lower costs on certain services.


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