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Bloodborne Pathogens

21 Jan 2021 4:29 PM | Janet Godsey

Why is it important for cleaning staff to know about the safety of cleaning and bloodborne pathogens

It is important for them to know that if they are exposed, they are subject to pathogens like Hep B and HIV. These two can cause disease in humans that may not appear for years. It may also cause liver damage or liver cancer. It is important to use universal precautions at all times. Exposures to the nose, mouth, or skin is never a good sign. Always wear you protective gear including goggles and keep a control plan to be review annually handy at all times. Be sure to dispose of gloves in the correct container , wash hands, and use the color code method for more protective practices. It is also important to never reuse towels and sponges, use tongs for cleanups and decontaminate the surfaces and areas in need.


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