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Bloodborne Pathogens and Cleaning Services

17 Dec 2021 9:06 AM | Deleted user

Knowledge and understanding of bloodborne pathogens, the potential risks involved when coming into contact with contaminated materials and utilizing universal precautions when placed into situations where you will be handling contaminated materials are all vitally important.

By following universal precautions, you are not only preventing yourself from contracting an infectious disease, you are also minimizing or eliminating the risk for your clients and their clients from contracting an infectious disease. Cleaning service staff removing a hazard safely keep all parties safe.

Following universal precautions to prevent bloodborne pathogen exposure includes, but is not limited to: using the proper PPE for the situation, knowing what sanitization methods to use, knowing how to contain soiled items, always washing your hands and having reporting requirements and protocol in place in case of possible exposure.


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