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How mold cleaning benefits my business

11 Jan 2021 7:18 PM | Jacqueline Cogdell

Mold can be found all year around on the south and the east coast of America. Thereby it’s an industry that thrives in any type of economy. In consequence, adding mold cleaning into our existing cleaning services, allows us to add services inside our cleaning packages. Here at J-PAC Cleaning Solutions we service residential and commercial customers within our cleaning business to include carpet cleaning and water extractions. Therefore, we’re a little ahead of the power curve when it pertains equipment and experience. We’re also located in Southeastern North Carolina, where we’re affected by hurricane season and heavy rain. This serves as a recipe for mold growth due to aftermath occurred to homes and businesses.

Hurricane Matthew open our eyes in terms of service because our community is always in need of volunteers due to mold cleaning professional prices. In our case we would like to profit from mold cleaning, as well as donate our services to those in need during trying times. Here at J-PAC Cleaning Solutions we’re preparing our company to be well educated in the mold cleaning industry. Our employee’s will be trained and educated on the proper way use their PPE, identifying the initial mold source, and how to execute the removal of the source. This certification class has been extremely helpful with educating our superiors with vital information to ensure safety to our customers and our team members.  


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