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Implementing Medical Cleaning Practices in Other Residential and Commercial Settings

17 Dec 2021 7:38 AM | Deleted user

Cleaning in the medical field, you tend to follow best practices when it comes to standard and enhanced infection control. Following these precautions keeps the cleaner safe, the staff safe and the patients safe.

When it comes to cleaning a residential, or non-medical commercial location; we should implement standard precautions to keep ourselves safe and our clients safe. The cleaner, in any environment,  should wash their hands, don personal protective equipment, and treat surfaces as though they are contaminated with potentially infectious pathogens.

In a medical setting, there may be signs present that warn the cleaner of the dangers associated with coming into contact with potentially infectious pathogens. In a residential or other non-medical commercial location, these warnings are not always present. Cleaners need to take precautions to keep themselves safe and healthy, no matter what environment they are in.

When cleaning residential and non-medical commercial buildings: cleaning staff should always wash their hands, wear appropriate PPE and should consider using a hospital grade disinfectant cleaner to protect everyone from pathogens that may be contained within the environment.

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