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Covid Safe Cleaning

08 Apr 2021 10:24 AM | Deleted user

In recent events, the need for cleaning has become more important and is crucial in the spread of infectious disease and new viral processes such as COVID-19. This being said, cleaning employees and staff have a greater chance in coming in contact with bloodborne pathogens and need to be educated in the safe handling and disposal of items that can be contaminated. Encounters with in the workplace can vary, but will increase with janitorial staff that work in high risk areas such as clinics, spas and crime scenes just to name a few.

Employees need to take all precautions in dealing with potential infectious contaminates. PPE is crucial in helping prevent the transmission of bloodborne pathogens and proper decontamination needs to be performed. Use of disinfectants and cavicides are important in not only cleaning potential areas but also in completely removing the potential transmission of pathogens from items. Importance needs to be made in the proper handling and disposal of potentially infectious items, proper donning and doffing of personal protective equipment in a systematic way and labeling/identification markings to notify others of the potential infectious materials.

During the education of BBP training. There needs to be proper training in identifying hazards, proper containment and removal, and steps to take to not cross contaminate. Employees should have a working knowledge of what needs to be worn for PPE depending on the level of bloodborne pathogen contact and should understand the basic physiology of disease processes, exposure and the lasting side effects. Employees need to know how to contact their infectious control officer and take the proper steps in reporting and incident and how to do immediate first aid in the event of an exposure. It is of the highest importance that staff understand bloodborne pathogens, the risks, steps to take, and transmission of diseases. This is not only to protect the employee but also co-workers, family, friends and decrease the chance of a work place injury.



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