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The Importance of Janitorial Services to our Everyday Life

15 Jan 2021 7:21 AM | Cody Kayser

Janitorial services are often an overlooked service to our communities; however, their importance cannot be mentioned enough. Through the physical efforts of Janitorial staff, our communities are cleaner and safer than they could be without them. Janitorial staff clean a wide variety of commercial locations including, but not limited to: shopping malls, business offices, medical offices, grocery stores, production/ manufacturing floors etc.

If it were not for our Janitors, the risk of contracting a foodborne illness would be significantly higher when dining, the risk of contracting a communicable illness would be higher at our workplaces, shopping locations and medical offices, contamination could be occurring in our manufacturing and production plants etc. Janitors are keeping you healthy and safe from daily threats that we cannot see and their importance to our communities cannot be undermined.

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