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Importance of Bloodborne Pathogens Knowledge

29 Mar 2021 8:22 PM | Deleted user

It is important for all cleaning professionals to learn about bloodborne pathogens for their own safety as well as others. Bloodborne pathogens are defined as harmful microorganisms in the blood. An individual coming in contact with them can result in contraction of infectious diseases such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B (HBV), hepatitis C (HCV), and many others.

To help safeguard employers and their employees it is important that all of them take a bloodborne pathogen certification course. Afterwards they will all be familiar with what universal precautions are, and ensure they are followed at all times. Employers be sure to provide a list and/or diagram of proper PPE for each individual cleaning situation, and ensure they keep an adequate supply in stock for their employees needs.

With proper knowledge and accountability in place on all levels it will assist with keeping sharps injuries and exposures at a minimum.  Proper PPE, a post exposure plan, and proper knowledge of universal standards make an amazing recipe for success and safety in the workplace.


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