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The importance of cleaning employees & staff knowing about bloodborne pathogens

21 Jan 2021 11:37 AM | SHANNON BERRIEN

We at Tower have a 3-phase approach when working in environments where our staff is likely to be exposed to bloodborne pathogens. We call it I.A.C- Identify - Act - Control.

Identify, this is pre-cleaning stage of each cleaning project. We will identify all high exposure areas. Ensure proper safety equipment and PPE needed for the job. We identify where all emergency response locations are, these include first aid boxes, eye washing stations, and where the MSDS information is kept. Most importantly we ask each technician to report any health issues they may be currently experiencing before entering the building, these issues include, body temperature, flu symptoms, skin abrasions, etc. We not only want to prevent our staff from being exposed to bloodborne pathogens, but we also don’t want our staff to expose anyone else.

Act, the stage is defined by our staff knowing exactly what to do if they have been exposed to a bloodborne pathogen. Depending on the level or type of exposure will determine the next steps of action. In addition, we take precautions while working to avoid unnecessary risks.

Control, this is our final stage of each cleaning project. We train our staff to double check themselves and the environment thoroughly before they leave. It is the responsibility of each technician to ensure that they have not cut themselves while working. In addition, it is each technician's responsibility to ensure that the environment is ready and safe for the next visitors.


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