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Harmful Effects of Non-Green Cleaning

19 Jan 2021 9:57 PM | Cody Kayser

There are many reasons why a green cleaning program should exist within a cleaning company. Green cleaning should be a preferred method of cleaning because it can be just as effective as cleaning with non-green products with less risk of severe side effects due to using chemicals that are man-made.

Cleaning with harsh, non-green, chemicals can cause many symptoms and generally carry many warnings through within their SDS sheets because they are not considered safe. Handling some chemicals without gloves may cause severe skin breakdown due to burns. Breathing in the fumes created by these products may cause respiratory issues and the fumes may also cause nose and eye irritation.

Non-green chemical cleaning products can be caustic, can be harmful to the body even after cleaning (potential dermal transmission from residues) and can, in some cases create imbalances in hormones, damage to organs and even death if handled improperly.

By not choosing green cleaning products for the majority of your cleaning product supply, you may be causing yourself harm, your customers harm and the environment harm. Using natural occurring compounds will be safer, healthier for you and your customers and will do the planet better.

Companies that offer green cleaning and have been certified through green cleaning training are easy to find through the IJCSA website, at:


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