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Why a Company That Cleans Green is Better Than One Using Hazardous Chemicals

19 Jan 2021 2:31 PM | Cody Kayser

Cleaning green has always been an option available to us as a population and it has been harnessed by people for thousands of years. These tried and true products and methods occur  naturally in nature, are safer for humans and animals alike and do our planet good.

Products like vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, olive oil, citrus, borax and others have been used in cleaning for a very long time and can create just as effective a solution to cleaning and disinfection as a chemical cleaner can. These naturally occurring ingredients do not cause the harm that chemically engineered cleaning products do.

Human health should be one high consideration when choosing to clean green. Chemical laden products can cause acute and chronic health problems to humans. Chemical burns to skin, organ damage, respiratory distress and hormonal imbalances can all occur due to cleaning with chemicals or having those chemical residues left behind. Chronic health problems can happen including long-term damage to organs, COPD and even cancer, hastening the mortality of the person involved in using those products.

Humans are not the only creatures effected by the use of these chemically engineered cleaning products. All animals can be effected by these chemicals making their way into the water and food supplies, house pets may be effected by cleaning with those products while they are present etc. Our planet has a fragile ecosystem and we should take that into consideration as well, when choosing products to clean with. Cleaning with green cleaning products, which occur in nature, do not contribute to the decline of populations of plants and animals; these cleaning compounds are not leading to the destruction of our environment.

Green cleaning is an important consideration to make when choosing a cleaning company for your location. If a company cleaning green is important to you,  then it is easy to find a company qualified to handle your space using only naturally occurring ingredients that are found in nature. Search the IJCSA green cleaning directory to find a service provider near you, at:


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