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Bloodborne pathogens - Staying safe is everyone's job.

15 Jan 2021 11:49 AM | MYRA DOSS

Acknowledging this line of work poses inherent risk of coming into contact with bloodborne pathogens is the first step in keeping yourself and others safe. In using universal precautions and having good observation skills can help to mitigate the risk of exposure. As well, as establishing an exposure plan and keeping up with industry requirements

As a team leader it is important to make sure the information OSHA has put forth about bloodborne pathogens. In addition, to making sure everyone who is in contact has the information they need;is making sure training is done, and the methods set forth to control exposure are done initially starting in this occupation, annually or when new or changed procedures.

In conclusion, knowledge and training is the key to keeping workplace hazards down and to keep everyone safe from serious and life-threatening illness. Also, staff trained on how to don and doff personal protective equipment and why they should utilize to help stay safe. Unfortunately, these occupational hazards are just part of the job, however staying safe is everyone's job.


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