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Janitors and custodians are truly the backbone of cleanliness

19 Jan 2021 7:12 PM | Mollie Buford

It is every persons dream to have an office job, you go into your clean germ free office and get through your daily activities without getting sick or passing your germs to co-workers ( yes we all have germs) and then able to return to your family without transferring germs from work to your precious home. Have you actually thought about how this is possible for all office buildings, schools , churches, doctors offices, emergency rooms, labs, hospitals and even where we wine and dine (restaurant's).

Janitors and custodians are truly the backbone of cleanliness, they are responsible for the care taking of all companies and businesses whether small or large. Janitors and custodians are very important to Corporate America, they are the ones that help keep these places germ free, dust free, free of debris and awful odors in the restrooms. The first impression a client receives when entering a building or business is credited to the janitor or custodian responsible for cleaning the place.

If for any reason you are in search for a certified janitor or custodian take a walk through IJCSA's Janitorial Directory for the best in the business. You  will find a list of well qualified and trained companies nationwide, companies you can trust to take care of all your cleaning assignments and needs. At the beginning of your daily lives and activities it starts with a janitorial or custodian staff member, at the end of your day it ends with a janitorial or custodian staff member.....Something to think about when you walk into your next office appointment or business meeting.

Janitors and custodians are truly the backbone of cleanliness


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