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Customer WOW factor

14 Jan 2021 7:17 AM | James Thomas

WOW! Understanding the needs of the client can be as simple as looking at the lifestyle they live. Successful Mortgage Broker, Working mom with kids, Doctors on call, Realtor in constant meetings at work, Frantic family work schedules and a stressed out business owners. All is customer service

It cost money for labor but it cost nothing to show some kindness in the process. Airing a House out for a 2 hour period may make the working mom happy and the fresh air smells good. Business owner may like a kind note of inspiration placed on the fridge. (keep it neutral) The successful Broker may like to know that his trash is empty and it did not smell like the fish that was ate last night. The frantic family may like that extra straightening up even, not asked but done, will go a long way. Doctors need pampered. Nothing lavish but a simple flower made out of tissue paper or a clean fridge. Each client is different. 

Take a look at the lifestyles of the clients and see with in reason what or how you can in some small way make their day or week a more special - wow factor.

Keep it simple, keep it smart and keep it going in many different ways.


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